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Keeping mobile and independent is a key part of the work carried out by qualified and trained staff at W Munro (Rehab) Ltd.

To assist clients and carers a range of walking aids through to more advanced mobility aids, wheelchairs and powered products are available.

The product specifications and dimensions are contained in comprehensive brochures. Advice from staff as well as healthcare professionals is an important step to ensuring that clients received the most appropriate equipment to meet their individual needs.





The Invacare® Mirage™ is a transportable power wheelchair that provides users with increased comfort and confidence through its unique balance when driving over uneven surfaces.  Its compact design and excellent manoeuvrability gives the Mirage™ an unrivalled performance indoors.

Roma Rollators


Model No. 2320
Depth: 60cm
Width: 66cm
  Height 86-99cm
Weight: 5kg
Maximum User Weight: 127kg


Model No. 2463/R
Depth: 64cm
Width: 63cm
  Height 81-92cm
Weight: 7kg
Maximum User Weight: 120kg


Model No. 1232
Depth: 89cm
Width: 66cm
Height 91cm
Seat Height 47cm
  Seat Depth 40cm
Width Between Arms 45cm
Seat to Footrest 36-46cm
Weight: 11kg
Maximum User Weight: 110kg


Model No. 1500R
Depth: 107cm
Width: 65cm
Height 89cm
Seat Height 52cm
  Seat Depth 40cm
Width Between Arms 45cm
Seat to Footrest 40-50cm
Weight: 15kg
Maximum User Weight: 110kg


Model No. SL7-4
Class: 2/B
Length: 105cm
Width: 54.8cm
Height: 92cm
Seat Width: 44cm
Seat Depth: 36cm
Seat Height: 47-52cm
Armrest Height: 24cm
Backrest Height: 32cm
  Maximum User Weight: 100kg
Battery Size: 12v x 2 10ah
Range: 8 miles
Weight: 32kg
Battery Pack: 7kg
Maximum Speed: 4 mph
Front Wheel Size: 20cm
Rear Wheel Size: 20cm
Turning Radius: 110cm
Charger: 2 amp off

Seat Height From Floorplan: 36-40cm
Height (Back Folded): 58cm
Ground Clearance: 7cm
Colour: Blue


Model No. S889SL
Class: 3/C
Length: 130cm
Width: 64cm
Height: 112cm
Seat Width: 46cm
Seat Depth: XXcm
Seat Height: 63-70.5cm
Armrest Height: 21cm
Backrest Height: 50-65cm
  Maximum User Weight: 160kg
Battery Size: 12v x 2 36ah
Range: 20 miles
Weight: 100kg
Battery Pack: kg
Maximum Speed: 4 & 8 mph
Front Wheel Size: 33cm
Rear Wheel Size: 33cm
Turning Radius: 150cm
Charger: 3 amp off

Seat Height From Floorplan: 43-50.5cm
Height (Back Folded): 58cm
Safe Working Slope: 
Ground Clearance: 15cm
Colour: Red/Black