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Specialist Medical Equipment Solutions. Telephone: 0141 952 2323
How It Works

How It Works

For over 25 years W. Munro (Rehab) Ltd have offered a range of specialist medical solutions to healthcare professionals and their clients. Meeting the needs of people who require assistance in their daily lives is the fundamental principlebehind what we do. Our highly trained, specialist team is constantly evolving to meet the ever changing needs of the medical rehabilitation marketplace.

1. Plans

W. Munro (Rehab) Ltd sees the planning stage of any project as vital. We work alongside our clients to recommend the best possible solutions to suit their needs. We put a special emphasis on communication at this stage, as it is essential to find out exactly what the client equires.

2. Installation

When the work moves to the installation stage our excellent technical services team ensure that a coordinated approach is taken to every order. Safety is our top priority, with all equipment checked and signed off at a final inspection. Customer satisfaction forms are used to record the views and opinions of the client.

3. Hoisting

W. Munro (Rehab) Ltd specialise in a range of mobile, fixed and ceiling track hoisting systems and accessories. The provision of this equipment is based on professional risk assessments relating to our clients’ needs.

4. Seating

We have many different seating options available which are tailored to meet out clients’ requirements; these include lift and recline chairs, tilt in space, regulated motion, height adjustment and seat and arm adjustment. For clients who require more support specialised seating is available.

5. Showers / Chairs

To ensure that the correct size and dimension of chair is provided we use modular shower/commode chairs. This gives options for change and ensures that if a combination of items is required then the correct product is available.

6. Beds

A range of height adjustable divan beds with options can be specifically manufactured to meet individual needs. More advanced beds with pressure relief mattresses are also available.

7. Maintenance

W. Munro (Rehab) Ltd offer a 24 hour special repair and breakdown service designed to meet our clients’ needs. A senior engineer will be available to all clients during office hours (Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5pm) to give advice and assistance.