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Specialist Seating

W Munro (Rehab) Ltd has a range of seating options to meet individual client’s assessed needs. The seating offered by the Company addresses the critical dimensions of the client as well as the person’s posture and function.

A range of seating options and accessories are available. These include seat height and depth, arm height and support as well as the most appropriate seat base. The features of the chairs which are demonstrated on assessments match the physical needs of the user as well as the environment in which the chair will be operated.

Mobile, static, high seat, rise/recline, recline only are some of the chair options available via the showroom or by mutually convenient arranged home assessments.



Camelot Tintagel chair

Camelot Tintagel chair

Single Motor

With the use of a simple 2 button hand control which allows the chair to move from sitting to standing position and has the additional facility of the recline function, enabling the person to relax in perfect comfort. All movements of the seat, footrest and backrest work in unison.

The single motor reclines to an angle of 45" with a more elevated foot position than the dual.

Dual Motor

The Dual Motor Tintagel will recline to the horizontal position with the footrest working independently to the back rest, providing the user a multi-positional chair at the touch of a 4 button locking key hand control. In addition it also provides a valuable aid for standing from a sitting position with one of the highest tilt facilities available.

The Tintagel in Dual Motor form with the additions of a fixed folding table and polished wooden arms (natural finish), fixed locking castors and battery back-up unit has been widely used by the NHS Trusts nationally for Day Surgery patients as a recovery chair bed.

Guinevere petite chair

Guinevere petite chair

Single or Dual motor petite chair, matching suite also available.

A petite 3-way single or dual motor lift and recline chair, designed to suit people of a small stature, with a narrow standard seat width of 18” which can be customised to 17". Seat height of 15" as standard, and a 20 stone (127kg) capacity. The dual motor is also available in a 19" and 22" width.

At a simple touch of a button, the footrest raises from the closed position to the horizontal, whilst the back of the chair has initially only reclined a few degrees, with the option to progressively recline the back of the chair further towards the horizontal. The dual motor goes completely flat.

The Guinevere chair comes complete with castors.

The Guinevere chair is available with Waterfall, Button, Envelope & 2 Pillow Back.

Kirton Duo

Kirton Duo Chair

Contemporary, modern styling, ultimate comfort and effortless functionality are at the heart of the Duo range of seating systems.

The dynamic features of the Duo chair enable it to accommodate the changing needs of the individual whilst providing excellent postural control and comfort.

Available in Major and Minor sizes both adults and children with complex seating needs can be accommodated. For those individuals with limited movement there is an increased risk of developing an unconventional body shape and therefore if assistance can be provided to manage posture through a multi-positional seating system then the risk can be significantly reduced

Kirton Delta

Kirton Delta Chair

Making life easier is at the heart of the Delta range.

Key to the Delta range is the incorporation of the remarkable ReflexionTM foam on all patient contact surface areas combined with the option of different pressure relieving seat modules depending on individual user's pressure management requirements.

From the highly advanced Intelli-Gel© seat module for those at very high risk of developing pressure problems through to the Transflo gel cushion and Reflexion foam seat modules for those at medium to high risk. Indeed the flexibility of the Delta range as with the majority of the specialist seating portfolio enables users to either integrate their own pressure relieving seat cushion into the seat module of the chair or apply a flat seat board upon which it can be effectively used.

Contributing further comfort and support the Delta range now has the option of either the Advanced Comfort Backrest incorporating the highly acclaimed Reflexion foam or an entire Reflexion foam backrest that moulds itself to the contours

Kirton FItform

Kirton Fitform Chair

Stylish and contemporary in design, the Fitform 570 Vario is ideal for people who - either for medical or other reasons - want the most comfortable and supportive chair around.

The Fitform 570 Vario is a made-to-measure armchair that will provide a correct sitting height, sitting depth and armrest height combined with a correct seat width and lumbar support individually tailored just for you!

It features a comprehensive range of adjustments that enables superb comfort when sitting and facilitates an effortless standing action! All the electrically powered functions, the “stand-up” powerlift, tilt-in-space movement, back recline and legrest elevation can be adjusted independently enabling a variety of positions to ensure the most appropriate, comfortable seating position. These movements are smooth, flexible and versatile making the Fitform a pleasure to be sitting in.

Unique to the Fitform range of chairs is the ability to tilt-in-space allowing the backrest and the seat to be tilted backwards in unison without any change to the seat angle. This tilt adjustment system maintains body posture.

Omega Kirton Chair

Omega Kirton Chair

The Omega marries comfort with guaranteed strength and durability. Originally designed for those with Huntington’s Disease and other neurological conditions, the Omega has become a recognised and valued seating system for many other caring environments.

Comfort and security underpins the Omega aiming to provide a robust, durable chair that can withstand demanding and severe movements yet provide a safe and relaxed seated position. By understanding the needs of both users and carers, the Omega ensures peace of mind that an optimum seated position for relaxing as well as for activities such as eating can be achieved comfortably and securely. The uniquely linked back and seat recline enables the seat angle to increase as the back angle reclines to guarantee a consistently good seated position.

Furthermore, the reflexion foam sculpted backrest moulds itself to the contours of the user to help disperse body weight more evenly over a greater surface area providing superior comfort and support. With the ability to adjust its back height the Omega is suitable for a wide range of individuals.